You require insurance – not for you, but for your near and dear ones who survive. Therefore, if you are the sole bread earner of your family, read and understand what follows from here.

Insurance planning means obtaining adequate cover for various risks such as:
  • loss of income in case of death of earning member(s);

  • Medical contingencies such as hospitalization, accidents, surgeries, etc

  • Loss of property such as your house, vehicles, etc due to fire, earthquake, riots, floods, etc

At Ontime, we have a team of insurance planners who will design an effective insurance plan for you and your family which will ensure that your family members such as parents, wife, children and other near and dear ones are adequately protected in case anything happens to you or your various properties.

Today, various types of insurance products are available in the markets which can mitigate any type of risk that you may have to face in your life. Some of the important insurance products that are available for you are:
  1. Life Insurance- financial safeguard for your family to compensate for loss of income source in case of your demise;

  2. Health Insurance- Needed in case of hospitalization, surgeries, medical emergencies, etc;

  3. Accident Insurance- Financial Protection in case of accident to the earning member which lead to loss of limbs, body organs, etc consequently seriously impairing the income earning source of the insured.

  4. Property Insurance- Protection to your various properties such as house, office, car, office equipments, household effects, etc against losses against theft, or any natural calamity such as earthquake, fire, floods, etc;

For further information, please contact the team of Insurance planners at Ontime.